RH Peterson American Oak Vented log set for sale

RH Peterson American Oak Vented Log Set


RH Peterson American Oak style is a traditional style vented log set with detailed design in the hand crafted bark and core of the wood. Perfect for long cold, American nights.

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Product Description

The RH Peterson American Oak vented log set gives the realistic appearance of whole oak logs slowly burning in the midst of a fire. The logs are depicted whole as cut with a chainsaw but not split with a slight charring. This gives the appearance of a medium sized oak tree having been cut down and sawed whole as the perfect size for your fireplace. Not only are whole, unsplit logs best for long term heat in wood fireplaces but the RH Peterson American Oak log set is also compatible with many fuel efficient, high heat burners to keep your family just as toasty warm!

Manufacturer’s Information

  • Superior refractory ceramics ensure the logs retain their strength at high temperatures
  • Burns efficiently while protecting natural resources and reducing pollution
  • High definition bark and natural colors for an authentic wood look
  • Steel rods inserted in each log provides maximum reinforcement
  • Radiant heat while in operation and after set has been turned off
  • Accessories available to enhance the look of your hearth

Remember to also purchase the burner system for your log set of choice! For placement details please refer to the RH Peterson American Oak Designer Vented Log Set Log Placement Manual: Click to Read or Download If you have further questions regarding your wood stove purchase contact us at 706.348.7735. All stoves and fireplaces are sold at advertised prices but due to the variances in freight shipping it’s necessary to call in for shipping charges which we compare for the best value to you!

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